The Power of Choice

Choose the
iTRUST Package
That Fits Your Needs:
Introducing iTRUST - the newest member of the Monitor Dynamics
access control products family.
iTRUST is highly evolved amongst a short list of other fully IP-based access control systems and differentiates itself by being very easy to install, use and afford. We call this the iTRUST Experience.

The iTRUST Experience increases the comfort level for both the end user (ease of use based on computer experience) and the security installer (ease of installation based on networking capabilities) and is the clear choice for all organizations that are searching for a proven access control security system that is easy to afford, easy to purchase, easy to use, easy to install and easy to maintain.

The iTRUST Kit delivers everything needed (sans cables and switches) to get the system up and running. No computing server is required and there are no software license fees, maintenance upgrade charges or hidden costs.

  iTRUST was designed as an environmentally friendly “green” (true server-less configuration) system which operates by utilizing the same intelligent controller, in a POE+ 2 door single board configuration, that is supplied with our multi award winning SAFEnet Unified Access & Intrusion System. SAFEnet is MonDyn’s enterprise-grade system and is deployed across numerous military bases, federal agencies and hundreds of other high-security and classified sites across the US and internationally.

iTRUST keeps access control simple, modern and inexpensive by building on select key features that other competing systems have implemented and taking these features and functionality to a new level combining innovation and ease of use.
These are just a few of iTRUST’s feature enhancements over competing access control products:
  • iTRUST controls from 1 to 32 doors and delivers enough PoE+ power to operate two 1,800 pound mag locks per controller. iTRUST’s intelligent controller is one of the few commercially available panels with PoE+ capability that comes in a 2 door single board configuration with a massive power budget of 800mA per door (vs. 450mA industry average).

  • System operators or managers can access the system through most popular internet browsers on any electronic web-enabled device including conventional personal computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

  • iTRUST’s straight forward user interface is purpose-built to include only the functions that the vast majority of users in any environment (outside of a high-security enterprise) will require on a day to day basis.

  • All iTRUST system software and firmware version updates can be accomplished
    over a web browser via the internet.

  • iTRUST’s intuitive design makes enrolling card members practical and quick.  New card holders can be enrolled in just a few moments.

  • iTRUST incorporates a system-wide lock down button for all controlled doors as well as an unlock buttton to clear the locking command.

  • For multifaceted or complex buildings with multiple levels, operating environments, or wings, the iTRUST P Series is perfect for installations requiring compact or creative enclosure placement.

  • iTRUST features a variety of clear and concise system reports, giving management a snapshot of who, what, where and when people move throughout their environment.

  • iTRUST was designed with the ability to scale seamlessly to an enterprise-level global command & control system if required.

  • Personal features can be configured within iTRUST based on permissions. System managers are
    only able to view the system features and icons that their access levels allow them to see.
    Everything they do not have permission to use is removed from their screen entirely.

  • Security Dealers can choose to combine the iTRUST M&P Series kits as needed (they utilize the same network switch) to deliver customized solutions for installations requiring a combination of Traditional and PoE+ system capabilities (mix and match) to meet client requirements.

iTRUST is manufactured in two unique system packages that level the playing field for all security installers:
  • A standard, IP based system with traditional metal locking enclosure and separate Altronix power supply to power locks, readers and additional door hardware.

  • An edge-based IP POE+ powered solution (one Ethernet cable to the box). 

These two iTRUST options are designed to meet the end customer’s specific security requirements while conforming to every individual security installer’s networking expertise, historical installation experience and technical comfort level.

The iTRUST Experience is evolutionary, yet simple; establishing absolute comfort with a proven state-of-the-art security product that delivers value to both customers and dealers throughout each phase of the procurement lifecycle - from purchase, to installation, use, upgrade and maintenance.

iTRUST is available through better security distributors throughout the United States.