Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of iTRUST FAQs that will assist you in answering the most common questions regarding the iTRUST Pure IP access control system.
  Question: Does the security market really need another access control system?

Answer: We believe there is always room for a better product that delivers technically superior features to the market.

Question: What is so much better about the new iTRUST 2.0 product?

Answer: The strength of iTRUST is really the combination of identifying and utilizing all of the best technology features and combining them into one product offering. We accomplished this for the largest section of the access control security market – the 2 to 32 door segment. iTRUST supplies a massive PoE+ power budget to door locking hardware. At 1.6 amps available to each controller to power locks, readers and other devices, we feel iTRUST is a market leader, right out of the gate, in this specific area. Unlike many competing access control systems, iTRUST Requires:
• No server or computers
• No software or associated maintenance fees
• No monthly cloud hosting charges
• No formal classroom training to operate and
• Offers a PoE+ power choice (the P Series) that requires no dedicated power supply.

We believe that we have brought the market an innovative yet simple way to manage their physical building security from anywhere, anytime. Feel free to browse the iTRUST overview on this site for additional features, advantages and benefits, since there are so many to list.

Question: How do I know what iTRUST system and associated parts to purchase for my facility?

Answer: iTRUST even makes purchasing simple. Everything that is required has been pre-packaged in a kit. The iTRUST kit contains the necessary cards, card readers and door controllers to secure and manage 2 doors. If more doors are required, simply purchase the necessary number of kits. For more information on kit configurations and pricing, please visit the “How to Buy” section of this website and click on “Pricelist”.

Question: What happens when a new version of the product is released after my initial purchase?

Answer: Simple! As long as you are able to log in and operate the iTRUST product, you can install all updates and version releases remotely over the internet. No costly sight visits or clumsy software CD installations are required for updates or version extensions.

Question: With all of these features, mobility options and cost savings, iTRUST must be expensive right?

Answer: iTRUST is extremely affordable and competitive. The downloadable price list is published directly on this website in the “How to Buy” section. We invite you to see for yourself and compare. This is the best way to truly understand how iTRUST’s value far outweighs its price.

Question: Is iTRUST hard to install?

Answer: This is where iTRUST is unmatched amongst all market competitors. iTRUST comes in two kits called the M Series and the P Series. These kits are differentiated in two ways. The P Series is powered by a PoE+ switch. The hard plastic enclosure is very small and lightweight and can be mounted in a large variety of places within a facility. Simply run one CAT 5/6 cable from the switch to the box and everything required to operate is supplied.

The M Series controller is assembled in a traditional metal locking enclosure and is wired to an Altronix® power supply. The metal enclosure can hold a second controller to secure two more doors. The M Series operates on any standard economical network switch and does not require a PoE+ specific switch.

Question: How do we purchase iTRUST?

Answer: iTRUST will be delivered to the market through better security distribution outlets across the United States. It will take us some time to reach everyone everywhere, so please let your favorite security distributor know if you would like to purchase iTRUST. They will be able to contact us directly and our representatives will assist them in filling your order in every way possible.

Question: Do you sell iTRUST direct or online?

Answer: No. We sell exclusively through distribution. We would be happy to discuss our rationale with you at anytime, on the reasons for choosing this particular channel. Please feel free to contact us.

Question: Can we upgrade iTRUST to a larger system if required?

Answer: Yes. We will provide you with the abridged “Cliff Notes” version of how we accomplish this. Monitor Dynamics offers an enterprise-grade access control product called SAFEnet. You can obtain more information about SAFEnet on the MonDyn website. SAFEnet currently manages some of the largest Commercial and most highly secure Government systems on the planet and has done so for over 25 years. SAFEnet utilizes the same UDC dual door controller that is found in iTRUST. Because of this, during an upgrade, there is no additional hardware or installation expense at the door. After the upgrade surpasses 32 doors in size, the system will no longer be iTRUST. It will then become SAFEnet, one of the leading GSA Certified and UL listed enterprise access control solutions available on the market. This upgrade will however require additional technical and user training and to install and operate.

Question: What do you consider to be the best single feature in iTRUST?

Answer: The easy answer here is simplicity of configurability. Internally, our team uses the analogy of an iPhone® to an Android®. Everyone has their smart phone favorite of course, but we feel that the iPhone leads the market because it has a fewer number of options and is easier to configure and to use. It is our belief that today’s society wants information as fast as possible and they don’t want to spend the time reading product manuals or how-to books. To today’s digital society, the closer to plug and play the better. Take a look at iTRUST and compare it to what you are currently using for access control. We believe that you will truly find that “Less is More”.

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